When recommending the "Australian approved crate" featured in the photos here our aim is to ensure your kitten travels home (and wherever else it may go during its lifetime of travel with you) in a crate that is the least likely to be damaged in a car accident.  There are many many crates available for carrying animals.  In Australia there is only one crate which is an "approved airline carry crate"  It is the one pictured which now has a few further requirements since the pics were taken.  Our main concern is with the structure of the crate and the materials it is made of.  These are what make it ultra safe for your kitten.  We have had our kitten buyers assure us they have the right crate only to find it is nothing like the one pictured when they arrive with it to take their kitten home.

The fact that the carry crate we recommend is "Australian airline approved" is just a bonus.  We are well aware that most pets will not actually travel by air in the crate - we are merely wanting to ensure your pet arrives at its destination in one piece, uninjured if there should be a motor vehicle accident, whenever your pet travels with you in its crate.

Most carry crates are secure to a certain degree - we are not concerned that your pet will escape from the crate so much as whether the crate will survive intact and so your pet remain in the crate with as little damage to your pet as possible.  The crate we recommend is made of a particularly dense material unlikely to crack or splinter easily.  The door will not open by itself, fly out of the fittings or dislodge from the top and/or bottom of the crate.  The top and bottom of the crate are held together with 9 screws and nuts none of which are able to be undone easily.

The most modern version of the "approved crate" has a mat inside to ensure your pet will not be physically sitting in any fluid within the crate.  It also has a water bottle and siphon which is nonspillable and so enables your pet to drink when it needs to, whilst traveling in the crate.

This link will show you how to measure your pet and choose the right size crate.  There are restrictions as to fit for your pet and which size crate will be acceptable. http://www.petspantry.com.au/size-chart-pp-iata-airline-approved-pet-carriers

These are links to sites where you may purchase an Australian approved crate.



From time to time we may have crates available for purchase when you collect your kitten, so you may use these to take your pet home directly from the cattery.  If you wish to use this option, please ensure you check with us first that we do have a crate available for you.  No crate - no kitten.