Active Mists

The Australian Mist breed are an interactive cat, closely fitting into their family’s daily routine, both social and work. With their own intense interest in all things interesting to their humans, Australian Mist cats develop their activity levels according to the home timetable.

Bath time for the humans in an Australian Mist cat household also means Mist “bath time”. Any opportunity for the breed to indulge in its love of water based activity, means your Australian Mist may insist on physically sharing their human’s shower; play in the water left after the shower, batting droplets from the shower cap or merely supervising the human douche. For an Australian Mist cat in residence, water is of prime interest.

Don’t think that by closing the bathroom door on your Australian Mist cat you will avoid an audience either. Successive generations of Mists have perfected the art of accessing a sliding door and if perchance your bathroom door isn’t a slider, the outed cat will make his exclusion known chiding you for not considering his wishes.

So keen on water activities are these fun loving cats, that we even provide our Australian Mist cats with a wading pond in warm weather in their outdoor room.

Apart from eating (food meant for them and anyone else's in sight) Australian Mist cats and kittens soon become adept at just about anything on the activity schedule. From cleaning out cupboards, cleaning the bath, or making the bed to emptying the dishwasher or washing machine we were soon tempted to think that our Assistance Dog's activities would soon be taken over by an Australian Mist Assistance Cat!

And make sure you don't allow your Australian Mist to learn the hard way - shut the door to the loo when you enter!

As time passed, and more Australian Mist cats lodged themselves in our hearts, our family grew. We found the boys most helpful. Although it was clear that some of our cats preferred particular activities more than others.

Matilda was adept at helping clean out the fish tanks. Harry just needed to be allowed to supervise, especially the vacuuming - you know "foreman material". Pixie's duty is to remind us that toys under the fridge were stacking up and gathering dust.

So whatever level of activity your home has now, it is guaranteed to be increased when an Australian Mist cat is in residence.