Planned Litters

Unfortunately the breeding of pedigree cats has suffered a real set back since 2016 when we and most other breeders (of pedigree dogs and cats) found adoption applications diminished markedly and the quality of new homes available became very real issue for us.  It seems anyone serious about adopting a cat or kitten felt they needed to take on "rescues" from welfare and other organisations.
To Registered breeders such as ourselves, who spent 24/7/365 taking care of their cats and are extremely particular about their care, feeding and upbringing, it was totally heartbreaking to us to find that our babies were no longer wanted.
  When breeding girls come on call at about 4-6 months of age they cycle every 2-4 weeks (sometimes more frequently) and during that time they mostly become fixated on finding a mate.  Behaviour is extreme, "calling" out, literally, (which is why it is named a "cat's call") in some cases it is an actual scream, often to the point of not eating and pacing endlessly.  Whilst the girls (known as Queens when they are being used for breeding) are best not mated until 12-15 months of age, in a small dedicated cattery this time can be managed (through socialisation, play distraction, interaction with the family and other cats in the household) all the while with the intent of mating the girl at the right time (season, weather, litter list of waiting pet parents etc.) and keeping her well and relatively content during the waiting time.
Unfortunately girls cannot exist in this state indefinitely and being ethical breeders, most concerned about our cats' welfare and lifestyle, we had no choice but to desex our young queens and stop breeding.
This, despite the fact that there is no other breed like the Australian Mist cat - bred specifically to live with people, to be at the beck and call of their people, live, eat and sleep with their people - not the usual behaviour of the typical independent feline with which most people are familiar.
Whilst there were once 7 cattery members of the Australian Mist Breed Council, all who have relinquished their breeding programs due to these reasons, it is so sad to reveal that Australian Mist Cats are now a rarity in their own country.

We may sometimes have older cats available for adoption.  If their family circumstances 
have changed dramatically, our specially bred cats and kittens are
welcomed back to their birth home.

If you are interested in adopting an older cat, when they are available, they will be featured 
on the front page of this website.
All Megellna cats go to their new homes with Vaccinations x 2, Worming x 2, Desexed, Micro-chipped and Pedigree Registered with ANCATS Inc., Cat Pack and my comprehensive Cat Care Guide with life-time support and guidance for you and your precious new family member.

Since the start of COVID 19, we are aware that many welfare organisations have reported an increase in enquiry for adoption of pets, now that people find themselves with time on their hands.


It is interesting to note that we have had 15 enquiries about adopting kittens in the 8 months to end October 2020. The previous 12 months had seen 7 enquiries in total.  The concern of all breeders is that the current rush of enquiry for adoption of pets will see those same pets left to their own devices when things return to normal and people go back to working long hours, something akin to buying a pet as a Christmas present - to fulfill a need at the time, but not with the realisation that pets live for years and require constant attention and care, not just when you have spare time.  

Australian Mist cats in particular, if properly cared for have been known to live to the age of 22 years (commonly 16-18 years). 

Also during this time of risk to human health, should any of your family members become ill, the interruption to the care and training (all pets need training from the time they arrive in their new home and on-going as life changes about us all - eg COVID), can be the cause of lifelong growth and behaviour problems, leading to ongoing veterinary and other expenses.