We are pleased to announce the arrival of Megellna's first Stud:  Aacarmar Arumaja Orpheus
Our thanks go to Carol Higgins and Mark Dart of Aacarmar Australian Mist Cattery Qld for allowing Orpheus to come to us to enhance the Australian Mist breed at Megellna.

Orpheus is a chocolate spotted boy who is very affectionate.  This temperament is exactly what we want to go with our girls who love their cuddles.  We are planning to mate Orpheus with our lilac spotted and chocolate spotted girls over the coming weeks.

Keep watch on this page for photos of Orpheus and our mated Queens. 

We've been fortunate as members of the Australian Mist Breed Council to be able to use studs owned by fellow members with our girls to enhance the Australian Mist Breed and produce beautiful kittens.  Below we feature those studs with details of their colours.


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