Our Queens

Silverado Matilda Blue



'Tilda  came to Megellna in February 2008 from Joan and Ken Quinn of Silverado Australian Mist Cattery in Perth. 'Tilda is a blue spotted Australian Mist with a beautiful head, well placed ears, and lovely apple green eyes. 

'Tilda has proved herself to be a delightful companion to ourselves, our dog Brinna and her feline “adopted baby”, Ellie.

'Tilda’s first litter provided us with 3 kittens, one a brown spotted female named “Cino” by her parents and 2 boys, brown spotted ‘Whitlam” and blue spotted “Morris”. All three kittens have provided their new owners with much delight and laughter not to mention the hours of relaxation time spent watching the antics of this delightful breed of cat in kittenhood. 

'Tilda’s second litter on mating with Agnesdai Zorro, has provided us with two boys and two girls all marbled.

Of these, a Chocolate Marbled boy, named Brandon, we have kept to join our family, because of his outstanding temperament and warmth of character. Brandon (named after Brandon Walters in the movie “Australia”) has subsequently drawn crowds galore at cat shows doing exactly what we wanted of him, to show the generosity of purrsonality of the Australian Mist cat. Like his namesake, Brandon is loved by everyone he meets and early in 2012 was privileged to be chosen to work as a PetsAsTherapy cat at a local aged care facility. 

Beltane Dame Nellie

Ellie came to Megellna in January 2010 and our grateful thanks to Barbara Dorrell of Beltane Cattery for allowing us to have Ellie.

Ellie slotted into our household very neatly and within 3 days had convinced Tilda that she was the “baby” Tilda had been waiting for. Having witnessed the “adoption” take place, we were in no doubt as to the quality of mothering skills these two future Queens possessed.

In early November 2010 following Ellie’s very obvious hankering for motherhood, Ellie mated with Al’adin from Hastur Cattery. Al’adin was the first stud hosted by us under the new Australian Mist Breed Council’s travelling studs program. Ellie’s first litter of Australian Mist kittens soon arrived and were a delightful group of kittens determined to melt the hearts of all who saw them. We had a blue marble boy and three spotted girls growing steadily in the nursery. 

From this litter, we decided to keep 2 kittens – a Blue Marbled boy, Harry Koo’ll - named after Australian soccer player Harry Kewell (with deference to the fact that our Harry is a real kool cat). As well as Harry, his sister Pixie Jay (named after Australian violinist Pixie Jenkins) has joined the ranks of Megellna for breeding in the future.  (See Pixie's Page for photos of her first litter of kittens).


We are considering kittens from future litters to be used in our breeding program.