The Nursery

The benefits of human handling of young animals from the time of their birth is well known amongst breeders of most species.  However, we wanted to put into practice the methods we had used during training of our canine family to achieve similar results with the Australian Mist kittens we were breeding.  So the Nursery has been specifically designed to aid imprinting of kittens from their earliest days in their new world.  Scientific studies have shown that imprinting brings about a natural acceptance of sights, sounds and smells in a newborn at a much faster rate and develops confidence in the animal when accessed from birth.

For this reason it was our intention to "educate" these young kittens we were responsible for bringing into the world, with all the advantages of social development.  By making some structural changes within the house where the cats lived and kittens were raised we could take full advantage of the imprinting we knew was so important to raising confident and happy kittens.

Our kittens being exposed to sights, sounds and smells through a desensitisation method means they are unlikely to be concerned about strange noises and surroundings when going to their new homes.  This level of exposure and the training we give our kittens from their earliest days of comprehension means they fit into their new owners lifestyles within a matter of hours of being in their new homes.