Ellie - Lilac spotted. Colours appear differently on different computer monitors. Colours in the "blonde" range show in the spots, tail and leg rings and on the outside of the ears. Paw pads are a "blue" - lilac hue.

Dougie - Blue marbled. Marbled patterns are much more obvious (especially in blues, browns and chocolates) simply because there is more colour in the pattern. Note the "bull's eye" on Dougie's flank. The pattern needs to be "broken" to qualify as marbled. The interspersing of the oatmeal colour in Dougie's coat "breaks" the marble pattern . Oatmeal colour is the "other" colour on all Mists - it is not white.

Pixie's litter of brown spotted and brown marbled kittens. Blue and brown are the darkest colours. They are the easiest colours to see the spotted markings. Marbled kittens above - note the stripes down the back - another requirement of the marbled pattern.

Pixie - blue spotted with her kittens - all brown 2 spotted and 2 marbled. Brown and blue are the dominant colours, brown is dominant over blue. So if either Mum or Dad carry brown, that will give brown kittens rather than blue.

Ellie's autumn 2015 litter of kittens. These 3 "blonde" kittens will colour up much more from 4 weeks of age. Coloured collars are used to distinguish one kitten from another for record keeping purposes. Kitten with the yellow collar is likely to be caramel marbled. Kitten with purple collar and the one with pink collar are likely to be lilac spotted.

Mozart is a lilac marbled Australian Mist. Note the sheen on Mozart's coat. When fed a healthy, fresh food diet Mists feel like silk and their coats are even slippery to touch and hold.

Georgia - chocolate spotted - note the colour on the ear and forehead, rings on the legs and tail. Paw pads are a rich chocolate colour. Chocolate is like the colour of milk chocolate - brown is the colour of coffee grounds.

Remmie is brown marbled. Again note the bull's eye on the flank. Remmie has very noticeable misting over the brown under colour. Remmie has beautiful eye colour - all Mists have green eyes. Remmie's are a lovely apple green shade.

Pixie and her brown spotted kitten. Kitten is 2 days old. Darker colours on kittens are obvious at birth. In the "blonde" range (lilac, chocolate, caramel and gold) spots and marbling appear anywhere from 2 weeks of age onwards. Definition of colour can be decided up until the kitten is 9 months of age.

All Australian Mist cats have spotted tummies, even if they are marbled pattern.